Transcript - Video - Preservation of Culture

Like this tree its going to become a few weeks a month or two from now its going to embody the mythology, the culture, and the spirituality of the Nisga'a nation. Thats what its going to do. Its gonna be proclaiming the history to the world of who we are. Why we are this way, where did we come from and why its very important that it be perpetuated into the future. Because without that link to the past of who we are, where did we come from, and the importance of this tree here. According to elders, elders way before my time told us that this tree here was the first tree that was given to the Nisga'a nation by the great chief in heaven. Without this tree the Nisga'a would have had a very difficult time surviving because this tree here provided the lifeline. So it's very important it's very important that we preserve all of this because without it the younger people of the future will lose who they are. They will lose that gap they call it i guess a generation gap. So without the knowledge of the past, their past, they will not understand their future. Just like the European they have their culture, where they come from and they still maintain it. For example the japanese chinese and other ethnic groups that have come into Canada. They do not forget their culture, they do not forget who they are. They're unique and thats what we wanna do is to be unique so that we will not lose track of our past. So that's the importance, one of the importances of why the carving of the totem pole is necessary because it tells the history, it tells the story.

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