Transcript - Video - Burning of Regalia

[Nisga’a singing]

The Nisga'a express hawia gilup(?). Surprise (?)softness despair expresses a feeling of helplessness and hopelesness that one has done their utmost to do something or to change something but to no avail. No one cares. And so our ancestors have now settled in the new village Laxgalts’ap. Their daily lives in the community and sustenance from the river and the land carried on. Then one day the missionary learned that some of the people have secretly carried some of their prized possessions with them to the new village. He became enraged with anger and so proclaimed that on a designated day everyone who has cultural possessions must bring them to a gathering at what is now the intersection of church street and front street. They were forced, our people were forced to then dump their prized possession on the street. Such a pile became ten feet high. One by one our ancestors reluctantly carried forth piled their drums, their regalia masks, and everything they had on the street in an attempt to show certainty and finality wiping out our culture. The missionary did not allow anyone to leave the scene but to stand around a 10 foot high pile of our culture and watch as he poured kerosene all over the pile he then lit a match and burned it.

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