Transcript - Video - Totem Pole Removal

They knew. They had scouts up and down the valley right from the mountain there right up to, way up. It's a dedicated group of young people very physically strong that watched, they watched for any invasions from the sea especially the Haidas and they watched for invasions from up there. And they knew they seen what is happening from up the hills so they sent well you call it moccasin telegraph what they were doing up here. And they were doing it all up and down the valley here and they knew that there was a raft coming down. They would raft together all of these poles that they cut down. And the ladies heard of it. They organized and they stood on the banks of Gitwinksihlkw, there was no bridge in that day. And they wailed, they wailed as the raft went by through the canyon and they sang songs of lament. Limo’oh about that there goes part of our identity, there goes the history, there goes the record of our ancestors thats what it meant to them as they see each one of these go by. Now some of them when it got to the rough waters and the sea broke up and some rafts from what we hear they couldnt recover the totem poles that had been cast adrift

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