Pts’aans Hlidax̱

Sim’oogit: Hlidax̱
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱gibuu
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Lax̱gibuu
Wilp: Hlidax̱
Miinhl Gihlee’e: unknown
G̱an̓agwit: 60 feet (estimate)
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: circa 1860

Adoḵs w̍itkw hli ts’iw̍int:
Ḵ̱’ap ligii tk’u-bax̱hl pts’aan ii n̓ii-t’aahl t’img̱eshl ḵ’aat, gahlkwsit ahl ts’i’uywihl pts’aan ii n̓ii-t’aahl kw’asim x̱sgaak lax̱’uhl pts’aan.

Gisi-k’an n̓uum̓ giisgwithl Ank’idaa, n̓iwil hitkwhl g̱ans Hlidax̱. Ts’uu kwsdimooshl g̱abii wil hitkwt, sim bayt ḵ’aphl g̱alts’ap wil hitkwt.Wayt hitkwhl pts’aan ahl ts’im- g̱alts’ap wayt wil 1970. Ḵ̱’am hli ḵ’aphl hli ts’i’uywihl pts’aanhl ḵ’ay hihitgwit sa guun̓. Ii n̓ihl hli t’im g̱eshl ḵ’aathl ḵ’ay sisgit sdo’okshl wilp gahlkw-pts’aanhl Lax̱g̱alts’ap.

Hitkwhl pts’aan tgun dim g̱an amg̱ootkwshl sim’oogit Laay̓, nigwoots Hlidax̱. Hlaa hit’intkwhl pts’aan tgun iit leel̓diithl dimt hit’inhl ligitnaahl y̓ay k’aa w̓iit’isim pts’aan. Luu-gwee’ehl g̱oothl sim’oogit, ahl dim ksax̱ n̓ithl dim wil sgihl y̓ay k’aa w̓iit’isim pts’aan g̱asg̱oolhl hasaḵt dim ksax̱ n̓it, iit guxwhl k’yoolhl sim’oogidim Gisḵ’aast Sii Sbiguut hlaat sik’ihl hit’inhl w̓ii n̓agum pts’aan, hli ḵ’aaxhl n̓eeḵhl ahl gilp’ilhl k’uuhl ahl Gwinwoḵ.

Pole of Hlidax̱

Chief: Hlidax̱
Tribe: Wolf
Clan: Lax̱gibuu
House: Hlidax̱
Carver: unknown
Height: 60 feet (estimate)
Year: circa 1860

Crest figures:
Plain round pole (g̱an) with a shark head carved at the bottom and a detached eagle figure on top.

Travelling downriver past Ank’idaa, the Pole of Hlidax̱ stood tenth in line, near the lower middle portion of the village. The pole still stood at the abandoned village of Ank’idaa until the 1970s. A fragment of the lower portion of the pole depicting the shark head still survives today, and it lies beside the community carving shed at the village of Lax̱galts’ap.

This pole was a memorial to the Eagle chief Laay, who was father to Hlidax̱. With its raising, Hlidax̱ declared that no other chief on the Nass River was permitted to raise a taller totem pole. His hunger to maintain his status as the chief with the tallest totem pole drove him as far as shooting the Killer Whale chief Sii Sbiguut when he attempted to raise his extremely tall Fin of the Whale pole a few years later at Gwinwoḵ.

Historical Pictures of Pole of Hlidax in Ank’idaa (click for larger image)

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