Pts’aans Luuya’as

Sim’oogit: Luuya’as
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱sgiik
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Gitlax̱w̓isax
Wilp: Laay̓
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Nidii wilaakst
G̱an̓agwit: Nidii wilaakst
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: 1850s

Hli adoḵst w̓itkwt hli ts’iw̓int:

1. Xsgaak
(Saa-guutkw, ii ḵw’ootkwt g̱ooḵhl dimt giikwhl British Museum)
2. Gibilx̱
3. X̱sgaak
4. Ts’imilx (N̓ii-t’aahl hlgu ts’imilx lax̱-hak’yo’os nox̱t)
5. Gadim ts’im-aks

Ts’uu xbil̓hl g̱ageets’ihl wil gisi-maḵskwhl pts’aan ahl Ank’idaa. Pts’aans Sim’oogit Luu-ya’as. Giigwihl British Museum 1930 ii n̓iwil ḵ’ay hihitkwt sa tgun.

K’iil’iks adaawaḵhl ptsaan ts’iuuxw dim wila n’eesda’ahl adaawaḵ

Pole of Luuya’as

Chief: Luuya’as
Tribe: Eagle
Clan: Gitlax̱w̓isax
House: Laay̓
Carver: unknown
Height: unknown
Year: 1850s

Crest figures from top to bottom:

1. Eagle
(detached carving – it disappeared before this pole was purchased by the British Museum)
2. Gibilx̱
3. Eagle
4. Beavers
(mother with young beaver on her back)
5. Man Underneath

Travelling downriver past Ank’idaa, the Pole of Luya’as is believed to have stood approximately tenth in line. This pole was purchased by the British Museum in 1930, and it is still at the museum today.

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Historical Pictures of Pole of Luuya’as in Ank'idaa (click for larger image)

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