Transcript - Sidney Alexander

He even took me up one time. He took me up and he showed me where the original village was. Above Greenville, called it Ank’idaa. That was where the village was before. And where Greenville is now is supposed to be their graveyard, at that time.  And he said there was over 4,000 people in Ank’idaa at that time. Over 4,000! He says there's a story – it’s not just a story. The people go out and a seagull flies over, they all scream. Seagull falls down, frightened. That’s how many people there was in those days. And Git’iks wasn't far from it either.  It was on the opposite side of the river. That's where old man Frank Bolton come from. But Ank’idaa was flooded out. He said there was over 8 feet of water there, that's why they all moved to higher ground.  That’s when they moved to Greenville.  That’s where they made new village. All the belongings got washed away by a flood, a great flood. First flood I think in the Nass them days. He had a story about it, why there was a flood. He says never make fun of a fish. He said some young kids were playing tricks on fish. I don't know what they were doing to it.  They pretended they were cremating it. They were doing something to it. And he said just like a flash, a flash flood came. Thats when they got flooded right out. He says never make fun of looywilsimax(?). Any looywilsimax. looywilsimax (?) means the fish that’s under water. Never make fun of them because it does happen.  It does happen.  If you make fun of a fish, just the same thing as you make fun of a human being. It runs back to you. That’s why I watch how I talk – I don’t make fun of anybody.

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