Transcript - Pole of Hlidax̱, Ank’idaa

Part 1

Good morning my name is Hubert Haldane gumsiwah name. I'm simoogit Laa'i one of the eagle chiefs of the salmon people as they call us. And what history I know about us a little is where we came from and how long it took us to get here. History tells us or my grandparents tell me that we took a long time in arriving in the Nass valley here. We spent some time in the south east of Alaska, spent a little bit of time in tongas just around ketchikan, tree point, spent some time in porten canal and then we ended up in observatory inlet. Kytlan as they called it. The Laxgeeks and the laxgibou both of them wilps the house of nilishan and gooshou and the laxgeeks all of the laxgiiks under mountain owned or have anxiwn in porten canal which we call galaan. On the port hand side going in is laxgibous, starboard side going in laxgiiks. And the same thing thats basically what it is, same thing with observatory inlet. On your way in on the right side is laaxgibou on the left side or port hand side is eagles. And my angoosk the laxgiikanxgoosk laa'is angooks is in kswan up in tallys arm jimgwooxh sawatk. It's probably one of the most beautiful places, because it's mine I have to say this, one of the most beautiful places in B.C. But it is a very desired piece of land for obvous reasons. There's lots of food there, firewood. everything that you needed to survive was there and to boot it was a beautiful piece of land. That particular piece of land was held by Laa'i for many years.

Part 2

This pole was carved in the 1850's and it's a fin of a shark and the carver was quite a talented person. You can see you can still see the details of the figures that are on here. 1850 that's a long time for this pole to be recognizable and this pole was about 50 feet long with an eagle right at the top of the pole. That's part of the story of this pole and there's still figures along the side there that are just visible you can make out. So we can tell that the carver was really talented and how deep the carving was on this pole to last that long.

Part 3

And one of the stories, just one of the stories there's many stories but one of them was there was a young man named cliduh who fell in love with kswan. He came, from what I know, he came from the house of khuzou. Now, mind you this wasn't yesterday this was way way back when. Anyway, he fell in love with kswan and he lived there. He lived there for many years. Then there was a death in laa'is house. Whether it was laa'i or someone very high up in laa'is house died the people in laa'is house didn't have the funds or the wherewithal to pay back the person who buried or who did the traditional things.The person happened to be cliduh. so he ended up owning all of kswan there for a while. To make the story short laa'is family became wealthy they became stronger. They paid cliduh back everything that he spent or used to pay the undertakers for the death of one of our people. Cliduh reluctantly took the pay back. He didn't want it but he took it and gave the land back to us. And as the years went by eventually cliduh became laxgeek because he insisted on living with us and the laxgibou reluctantly let him go to their brothers the eagles. So that's how I know or at least thats one story about cliduh and how he became laxgeek. that's how I was told. I'm very anxious to see more of our ayuuks come back especially the pole so that we can show the young people that we actually did come from here. we gotta show people the real proof that this is where we came from.

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