Pts’aanim Smax Ts'iixg̱an

Simo̓ogit: Ts'iixg̱an
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱gibuu
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Gitḵ'ansnaat
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Bayt N̓eeḵhl and Naax̱ Ts’eets’iks
G̱an̓agwit: 60 feet
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: 1850s

Hli adoḵst w̍itkwt hli ts’iw̍int :

1. Antḵ’al-n̍it’insgum gat
2. Dax̱yukwdihl gat k’in
3. Smax (ul)
4. Tḵ’ayks-t’aam smax (ul)
5. Gat (t’akdiit wilaa gat)

N̓ihl pts’aanim smaxs Ts’iixg̱an tgun sim sag̱aw hitgwit ahl luu-ksgigeenix wil maḵskwhl pts’aan g̱agiiksihl g̱alts’abim Gitlax̱t’aamiks. Hitkw g̱a’aag̱ahl wilps Ts’iixg̱an. “Lax̱gibuum Gitsḵ’ansnaat”. Kw’ootkwhl pts’aan tgun g̱ooḵhl 1927. Tḵ’al-hukskw wil t’ip-ḵ’asḵ’otskwhl pts’aan yukwhl yeehl x̱haykwshl am’aamit ahl Gitlax̱t’aamiks 1918.

Tgun anhihl wam Ts’iixg̱an: “Hlgu akshl leex̱ g̱alksi-yox̱gwihl ts’imilx”.

Bear Pole of Ts'iixg̱an

Chief: Ts'iixg̱an
Tribe: Wolf
Clan: Gitḵ'ansnaat
Carver: Bayt N̓eeḵhl and Naax̱ Ts’eets’iks
Height: 60 feet
Year: circa 1850s

Crest figures from top to bottom:

1. Person in a myth
2. Person holding a spear
3. Bear
4. Squatting Bear
5. Person (identity forgotten)

Travelling downriver past Gitlax̱t’aamiks, the Bear Pole of Ts'iixg̱an stood first in line at the top of the village in front of Ts'iixg̱an’s house. This pole disappeared before 1927: it was likely cut down and destroyed during the Christian religious revival at Gitlax̱t’aamiks in 1918 along with many other poles in the village.

The meaning of the name Ts’iixg̱an: "A channel where a beaver goes back and forth".

Historical Pictures of Bear Pole of Ts’iixg̱an (click for larger image)

Bear Pole of Tsiixgan Thumbnail Image 1Bear Pole of Ts’iixg̱an Thumbnail