Three Persons Along Totem Pole Image

Royal BC Museum PN 675 Collection: Newcombe Catalogue#: E 605-VIII/75
Date: 1913 – 23/V/13
Gitlakdamiks – Pole furthest north (neg. very poor).
The Three-Persons-Along (Khlugula’wn), Pole of Ksemrhsan – pole of the Frog and Lizard – one of two that were saved at the time – of the religious revival in 1918 which brought about the destruction of most poles – carved by Ahrtsip of the Canyon of the Nass, Fireweed clan – erected in commemoration of Leelusk (thief), by his heirs. - Usual name of pole, Pole-of-the-Frog;
Figures: Person-holding-a-Frog; Person-holding-a-Lizard; Frog.
- Purchased in 1927 and removed to Royal Ontario Museum, where with three others it now decorates the central stairway. See Barbeau, Totem Poles, Vol. I, p. 72-75.