Pts’aanim N̓eeḵhl

Sim’oogit: Hleeḵ
Pdeeḵ: Lax̱sgiik
Wiln̓aat’ahl: Lax̱ts’imilx
Miinhl Gihlee’e: Hlidax̱
G̱an̓agwit: 40 feet
K’uuhl wil gahlkwt: 1860s

Dim sat’ama dim dip t’x̱ootkwhl wila jabihl adoks Spa Smax̱, dim diw’itkw gum’ hla ts’iw’iint pts’aan:


Hugax̱ahl pts’aan tgun wilaa jabihl w̍ii hlbin, t’ip-hitkw hli t’img̱est, ii x̱ts’i-n̍ii t’aahl ts’imilx hli t’imlanxhl hlbin, ii n̓ii- t’aahl ts’uuts’im tyay̓tkw hli ts’iw̍int lax̱’uhl hli hlatsx̱hl hlbin.

Ts’uu xbiĺ di huxw ḵ̓ool̓t luu-ksgeets’ wil gisi-maḵskwhl pts’aan ahl g̱agiiksihl g̱alts’abim Gitlax̱t’aamiks. Huxwdii tḵ’al-t’ip-ḵ’otskwhl pts’aan tgun yukwhl yeehl x̱haykwshl am’aamit ahl Gitlax̱t’aamiks 1918. Tḵ’al-hukskw ahl hlag̱ats’uuhl pts’aanhl t’ip-ḵ’asḵ’otsgwit ahl pts’aanhl g̱alts’ap. W̍ii n̍akwhl pts’aan tgun. Gilp’ilhl sahl wildiit ii g̱aks t’ip-di’aḵhlkwdiit, ii hihlag̱at.

Pole of the Whale

Chief: Hleeḵ
Tribe: Eagle
Clan: Lax̱t'timilx
Carver: Hlidax̱
Height: 40 feet
Year: circa 1860s

Crest figures:

The entire pole was carved as a giant Whale with its head pointing downwards. A Beaver was carved on the neck of the whale, and a Thunderbird stood at the top above the tail.

Travelling downriver past Gitlax̱t’aamiks, the Pole of the Whale stood sixteenth in line along the river front. This pole was cut down and destroyed during the Christian religious revival at Gitlax̱t’aamiks in 1918 along with many other poles in the village. It was so tall that it took two days to cut it down and break it up.

Historical Pictures of Pole of the Whale (click for larger image)

Pole of the Whale Thumbnail ImagePole of the Whale Thumbnail ImagePole of the Whale Thumbnail ImagePole of the Whale Thumbnail ImagePole of the Whale Thumbnail Image