Transcript - White Squirrel of X̱ast’iyee, Gitlax̱t’aamiks

This pole is commemorating Xhast’swin family of Tx̱as-diyee, and today the head chief of Sim Lax̱sgiik is Minee’eskw, Rod Robinson, gant guna gilpil wilyeelx gnat’guna, Gilpilwil yeehl ptsan ganhlekwshl ptsan loot.

The totem pole is pretty well carved from the bottom up to the top. There are poles that are just a tree – we call g̱an – with a figure on top. So this g̱an was carved by Peter Ni’isy̓oḵ in 1879, and right on top of this g̱an is a huge white squirrel, M̓aas Ts’inhlik. There’s a couple stories about this M̓aas Ts’inhlik. Huge white squirrel has encountered a family and the other story where the village was raided by thousands of squirrels.

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