Use this website to help you list some protocols that have been significant to the Nisga’a people. Select one of these protocols to represent in a format of your own choosing (e.g., poetry, narrative, role play, video, song, etc.).  Within your representation, make it clear why the protocol is significant to the Nisga’a people.
Impact on relationships
Consider the nature of relationships among people from different cultural groups who are unaware of protocols that differ from their own, or who form incorrect inferences about the intent of protocols that differ from their own.
Represent such responses in a genre (e.g., poetry, narrative, song, cartoon, role play, etc…) and medium of your choice (e.g., performance, poster, mural, power point, video, website, etc.).  
Limiting misconceptions
Generate some ideas about what people could do to effectively help avoid such misconceptions. Select the idea(s) you think has/have strong potential for success and represent it/them graphically. Explain why you think your idea(s) have strong potential to limit misconceptions while also demonstrating respect.



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Marlena Dolan (Editor) (1994). Just Talking About Ourselves, Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 (Vol. 2 out of print). Penticton, BC: Theytus. (Moving poems, short stories, essays, and art by First Nations youths, ages 10 to 21 years, about issues relevant to all First Nations people)

First Nations: The Circle Unbroken Series, Volumes 1-7 (1993-1998). Vancouver, BC: National Film Board. (video tapes and teacher guides)


School District No. 92 (Nisga’a):


Your local School District First Nation Education Coordinator

Your school’s Aboriginal Support Worker

School District No 92: Regarding resources—250-633-2234 (e.g., Nisga’a: People of the Nass River (grades 11-12); Grade 10 interdisciplinary kit; From Time before memory: The people of K’amligihahlhaahl (bilingual, Nisga’a & English); As long as the rivers flow, Grades 8-10)