Red Bluff
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The Lost Trapper

Once there, it took them several more days to find the trapper. He had died of a heart attack while chopping wood and his body had been covered by drifting snow. They dug a hole in the frozen earth and buried him. They then set out for the coast so that the constable could catch the steam ship from Kincolith. It was February and extremely cold. By the time they got to Red Bluff they had run out of food.
Hlaa bakwdiit, ii nidiit t'ilt wadiithl wana'am jaayeehlit-gi. Hasiipgum goothl ha-nuwt. Yukwhl yatslakwt ii nii-daawihl wilt. Sim nii-mitkwhl maakws lax'u wil sgit. Nigan nidiit t'ilt wadiit. Wil k'iit ksi-wok'diithl daawim ts'eets'iks, ii niwilt wok'diit gat. Wil k'ii anuu angeets wilaa hlo'odiit, sim wilaa gwilks nii-t'aahl wotsmaan lax stiim boot, ahl Gingolx. Hlaat wadiithl Red Bluff ahl txas Buxwlaks wil huwildiit, ii lukw'il sakhl laxha. Hlaa goodahl wineexdiit. Wil k'ii sigootkwdiithl dim hisjoksdiit, hlaa gal ts'axwhl sakhl laxha. Dim gibadiithl dim ts'uusgim aamhl laxha.
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