Txeemsim & Ksim T'ilx
Ksim T'ilx tells Txeemsim how to make grease

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Txeemsim meets Ksim T'ilx

The Woman replied in a clear, strong voice. "Txeemsim, I am Ksim T'ilx. I know how to make oolichan grease. I will Help you." Ksim T'ilx then began to give the directions on how to make oolichan grease to Txeemsim.
Wil k'ii dilimxkwhl hanak',"Ksim T'ilx niiyis Txeemsim. Wilaayiy wilaa japkwhl t'ilx. Dim hlimoomiy niin." Wil k'iit sit'aama'am mahlis Ksim T'ilx wilaa japkwhl t'ilx as Txeemsim.
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